Kelan McDonagh

United States of America

Kelan McDonagh is a PGA Professional at Fiddler’s Elbow Private Country Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Fiddler’s Elbow is the only private club in New Jersey with three 18-hole championship golf courses. Kelan McDonagh works with various training aids such as Smart2Move force plates, TrackMan and The Force Pedal.

How did you learn about The Force Pedal and why did you buy it? Would you recommend this product around you and why?

“I learnt about The Force Pedal from working with Mike Adams at Fiddler’s Elbow Private Country Club. This is the greatest training aid I’ve seen. I recommend it everyday.” – Kelan McDonagh

“Simple, design, durable and amazing results.” – Kelan McDonagh


“This golfer seen noticeable improvement in our lesson yesterday. Why? Because I measure. If we don’t measure we are guessing.” – Kelan McDonagh

“By measuring this golfer we established that he is Front Post with a side cover grip. Initial swings show a lot of lateral movement and lack of pressure into left foot in downswing. After the player understood what the measurements resulted in we started to see vast improvement. By using one of best training aids I’ve found it really helped this golfer to feel his front post set up and deliver more pressure into ball of the left foot in transition. Great progress made due to the fact I measure all my golfers.” – Kelan McDonagh

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With 2 different thicknesses, firm (yellow) & soft (orange) it will help you train ground reaction force by developing new neuro-physiological patterns.

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