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The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help all golfers increase club head speed by training your body to use the ground properly.

We  recently added informational content on our social media and decided to generate a test so you can evaluate your knowledge in ground reaction force. Fill the form below and make sure to get a score greater than or equal to 80% to win a reward. Our team will contact you.

Timing the vertical force is an important factor in increasing club head speed.
What is the colour of the firm force pedal?
Exactly where under the lead foot should I place The Force Pedal?
The Force Pedal can be used indoors and outdoors.
The Force Pedal is beneficial for elite golfers only.
When should the timing of the vertical force happen?
What is the purpose of using the firm force pedal?
Using the Force Pedal can improve your proprioception of how to use the ground.
What is the purpose of using the soft force pedal?
What are the benefits of using The Force Pedal?
What is the colour of the soft force pedal?

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