The Force Pedal


With 2 different thicknesses, firm (yellow) & soft (orange) it will help you train ground reaction force by developing new neuro-physiological patterns.

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Two thicknesses

You can train with the softer orange force pedal, or the firmer yellow to suit your capabilities. Both also can be used to work on rotational force and for warm up.


The patented unique hexagon shape allows you to to actually feel and use GRF versus pushing down on a hallowed out rubber tennis ball.

Vertical Force

One of the big power sources for any athlete, The Force Pedal helps you train and time your vertical force to perfection.


Use the Force Pedal for any sport, and also in the gym. Depending on how you use it, The Force Pedal can be used to either challenge your stability or actually help your stability.

What’s in the pack?

1 soft force pedal

Introductory challenge to ground reaction force application for stability and motor recruitment. The soft force pedal is your introduction of how to feel to use the ground. It offers more stability, lessening the body’s postural and balance demands.

Increase your club head speed
Increase your club head speed

1 firm force pedal

Advanced motor recruitment with an increase in stability challenges for the point of application. The yellow force pedal offers an increase in stability/postural challenges making your muscles work harder and in a more advanced way.

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Recurring questions

Our patented hexagon shape

Over the years we have researched and tested many different shapes and materials to ultimately arrive to what has now become The Force Pedal. A training aid that allows every golfer at any level to use the ground properly. With the ultimate goal to increase performance in a biomechanically effective way. To reach this goal The Force Pedal was a result from a collaboration between one of the world top golf teachers, an Italian world renowned PHD in biomechanics and a French ground reaction force golf coach. Combining ground reaction force sciences and intellectual property has enabled us to bring this product to you.

The Force Pedal vs a Half Cut Tennis Ball

 We developed The Force Pedal after many years of trying endless homemade methods, including the half cut tennis ball in the attempt to teach the feel of using the ground. The hallowed tennis ball, like other methods, wasn’t giving the same spring and proprioception of what the ground is giving back, losing the feel of ground reaction forces. So after years of frustration, we were able to develop The Force Pedal, with its unique patented hexagon shape, in two different thicknesses, to give you exactly that.. The feel of using the ground properly. The hexagon shape allows the bounce back action of the ground so you can easily feel the point of application and time your verticals.