Where can I order The Force Pedal?

You can order by following this link.

Where do you deliver The Force Pedal?

We deliver worldwide.

How long does delivery take?

It normally runs 5-7 business days but there may be a delay due to the Covid-19 situation.

What makes The Force Pedal a unique ground reaction force training aid?

The Force Pedal allows you to feel and understand what ground reaction force is.

Can The Force Pedal be beneficial with any player at any level?

With 2 different thicknesses, firm and soft, The Force Pedal will help you train ground reaction force by developing new neuro-physiological patterns at any level.

How can I train with The Force Pedal?

Once you get the point of application & the timing of the vertical happening at the right place & time you will start to feel the transfer of energy from the ground, up to the club head, which allows you to start the process of increasing your club head speed.

Where to place The Force Pedal?

In order to activate the correct muscle group in your downswing, place The Force Pedal under the ball of your lead foot between the 1st and 4th metatarsus.

When should I use the firm or soft pedal?

We provide two types of force pedals for ground force training. The orange, softer pedal, has less demands on the body & therefore can be easier to time your vertical force and feel the point of application in the beginning. The yellow, firmer force pedal, that provides more of an advanced challenge by increasing more motor recruitment, can also be your initial pedal of choice depending on feel, training, level of fitness, etc.

Does The Force Pedal will help you to increase speed?

The key to distance is learning how to use the ground properly. The Force Pedal teaches you how to use and feel the ground reaction force. 

Why not just use a half tennis ball?

We developed The Force Pedal after years of trying many different homemade methods, including a tennis ball cut in half, to try to and teach the feel of using the ground. The hallowed tennis ball, like other methods, wasn’t giving the same spring and proprioception of what the ground is giving back, losing the feel of ground reaction forces. So we developed the unique hexagon shape, in two different thicknesses, to give you exactly that… The feel of using the ground properly. The hexagon shape allows the bounce back action of the ground so you can easily feel the point of application and time your verticals.

Can I practice with The Force Pedal on the golf course?

The ideal place to work with The Force Pedal is on a driving range.

What is the ball of the foot?

Basically, it is the front part of the foot.

Where is biomechanically located the trail heel?

Basically, the trail foot is the rear foot. So, it’s the heel of the rear foot. 

How to time the vertical force?

Once The Force Pedal is placed under the ball of your lead foot you must feel the the vertical force happening before impact between left arm parallel to the ground & the shaft parallel to the ground.