T4D Fitness Duo with Bands


Train for Dynamics introduces the T4D, the new, unique way to train your “brain-body connection,” which is your Proprioception.

When you train your proprioception you become more aware in life, and develop better balance, coordination, agility and reaction time in your overall performance in sports and in general.

The T4D Fitness Duo comes with 2 T4Ds and 1 pack of 2 Train4Dynamics Bands.


Why is the T4D Fitness different?

  • It trains in 360 degree rotation
  • You can train with or without resistance
  • It slides / rotates upper and lower body
  • It flips for balance and postural training
  • You can remove the cup for more intrinsic muscle training
  • You can use from 1 up to 4 T4Ds during exercise

Check more out at train4dynamics.com.