The Ultimate Ground Reaction Force Bundle


When you control Ground Reaction Force the control of your body is much more complete. This is why we have created The Force Pedal Bundle and The T4D Fitness Duo.

One works ground reaction forces, and the other, proprioception.

The Force Pedal was created to help golfers utilise the ground to gain speed. What seems simple, as we use the ground in almost every activity we do, in the golf swing as many golfers out there now realise, actually getting that feel of how to use the ground in order to maximise ground reaction forces can be quite difficult. To find a solution, we enlisted the expertise of a top Biomechanist from Italy, in order to develop a product that will consistently give you the feel of using the ground, as well as the bounce back effect to optimise ground reaction forces.

Train for Dynamics introduces the T4D, the new, unique way to train your “brain-body connection,” which is your Proprioception. When you train your proprioception you become more aware in life, and develop better balance, coordination, agility and reaction time in your overall performance in sports and in general. The T4D Fitness Duo comes with 2 T4Ds and 1 Train4Dynamics Band.

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