The #1 Ground Reaction Force Training Aid in Golf

Why is proprioception important?

Proprioception helps your feel …

… so you can learn to recruit the correct muscles in an exercise and in addition to helping you maintain good form through a movement. This is uber important for injury prevention or in post-injury recovery as proprioception is often decreased.

Also, proprioception is particularly important when working on balance. You need to know where your body is in space in order to maintain stability, and good stability is important in all level of sports as well as in rehabilitation.

When you are most stable, you can perform more efficiently. Whether you are an elite athlete, or a weekend warrior, an increase in proprioception using The Force Pedal or The Force Pedal mini, will take your training to another level.

From 91 mph to 107 mph

From 101 mph to 116 mph

From 106 mph to 116 mph