The #1 Ground Reaction Force Training Aid in Golf

The Force Pedal for PGA professionals

The Force Pedal guides and trains you how to use your lower body in the golf swing. I have never seen a teaching product that got better results for the student than The Force Pedal. Get a force pedal today and start hitting the longest straightest shots of your life.

Mike Adams – World Golf Hall of Fame Best Golf Teachers | #2 Top 50 Golf Digest Best Teachers | Golf Magazine Top 100 Best Teacher | 2016 PGA Teacher of the Year

Increase club head speed with Mike Adams

Step 1

Feel the point of application

In order to activate the correct muscle group in your downswing, place The Force Pedal under the ball of your lead foot between the 1st and 4th metatarsus.

Step 2

Time the vertical force

You must feel the the vertical force happening before impact between left arm parallel to the ground & the shaft parallel to the ground.

Step 3

Increase club head speed

Now you will start to feel the transfer of energy from the ground, up to the club head, which allows you to start the process of increasing speed.