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Increase your club head speed

Depending on your skill level, you’ll use either the soft or firm disk. The soft (orange) Force Pedal is an introduction to the process. It’s designed to teach you the basics of how to use the ground. It’s more stable than the firm Force Pedal, making it easier to maintain posture and balance. After you’ve moved beyond an introduction to ground use with the soft Force Pedal, the firm disk is designed as a challenge. The yellow disk is intended to make your muscles work harder to maintain balance and stability…

After testing The Force Pedal, I can see a huge potential for it to help golfers learn to use the ground correctly…

Harry Nodwell

Harry is the Senior Director of Product Testing, overseeing the facility and delving into everything Soft Goods related. His job is to cut through all the marketing and inform you, the consumer, what the best products are.

Le Journal Du Golf

Journal Du Golf is a free monthly information journal owned by L’Équipe and launched in 2004 by Frédéric Schmitt, a former golf professional. This journal is present in all golf courses in France.

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