SMART2MOVE Dual Force Plates owners deal

As the golf season draws near, it’s time to enrich your coaching arsenal with essential training aids that promise to elevate the game for players at all levels. The Force Pedal and T4D have proven to be indispensable tools in any golf instructor’s toolbox, designed to enhance the learning experience in various training scenarios – from individual lessons to group classes, and junior to team training, as also specific Ground Reaction Force lessons, we have a package for you.

Exclusive TFP S2M Packages Tailored for You

Understanding the diverse needs of your golf school or training program, we’ve curated special packages to help you become a Force Pedal Distributor, thus boosting your Return on Investment (ROI) and providing your students with top-notch training aids.


  • TFP S2M Pack 1 (4 TFP Bundle + 2 T4D Duo)

    Original price was: 560,00€.Current price is: 364,00€.
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  • TFP S2M Pack 2 (8 TFP Bundle + 4 T4D Duo)

    Original price was: 1 .120,00€.Current price is: 616,00€.
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  • TFP S2M Pack 3 (20 TFP Bundle + 4 T4D Duo)

    Original price was: 2 .100,00€.Current price is: 1 .050,00€.
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These packages are meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into your training programs, offering flexibility and value that cater to all your instructional needs. Whether for a golf school, junior training, team sessions, single lessons, or group classes, our bundles are the perfect addition to help your players achieve their best.

Interested in Larger Quantities?

For those who envision bigger needs beyond our package offerings, we’re here to accommodate your requirements. Please reach out to us directly at for personalized service and to explore more about how we can support your goals as a Force Pedal Distributor.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your training offerings and make this golf season the most productive one yet. Join us in driving player success and growing your business with Smart2Move’s The Force Pedal.