Thank you for helping us make a difference

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this is the time of year when we all pause and reflect on what we are most thankful for. Here at The Force Pedal, it’s easy for us to know what we’re most thankful for… You! Your commitment to our community has helped make The Force Pedal the #1 ground reaction force training aid.

A very active community

Increase your club head speed

Here are some of our highlights on social media. Both Instagram and Facebook Data are included:


Almost 1 post per day

115000 impressions per month

Everywhere and anytime

Because The Force Pedal is portable and easy-to-use, you can train everywhere. We are extremely proud to have users all over the world and glad that we can help you to improve your golf swing.


+10k users worldwide


36 countries worldwide


+10 articles on/off-line

The user is always right

Thank you ambassadors!

With more than 100 drills video shared on social media, you can now find the perfect workout and keep improving your swing by training your body to use the ground properly.

Congratulations to Neil Barnhill! Our ambassador with the most conversions during the year 2020.

Add more speed with Bryan Dougherty

Stop the shanks with Scott Rose

Efficient force application by Aram Kushigian

Use the vertical power with Dan Whittaker

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t stop us

The whole team remains dedicated to provide you with new services and features.
Actually, we are working on something new to help you train during the current situation…

Increase your club head speed