Floky Functional Socks – Best yoga and pilates socks


About Floky socks, the perfect companion for the T4D

The Floky Functional sock is a postural sock suitable for any activity in the gym, this product features a structured 3D application that favours the correct distance between the big toe and the other toes both during exercises and while resting.

It offers:

1. Protection: The tendon system structure and retinaculum-like applications on the dorsal part of the sock offer better protection during exercise.

2. Anti-rolling: The tight-fitting technical fabric and the internal print on the sock help to stabilize the foot during exercise preventing improper rotations.

3. Stimulation: Proprioceptors on the sole of the foot create a pleasant micro-massage increasing plantar stimulation.

4. Big Toe Separator: The special 3D application favours the opening of the toe and the correct distancing from the other toes of the foot.