Fifa’Suphawich Huangwilai

Bangkok, Thailand

Fifa’Suphawich Huangwilai is a golf player at ThaiBev ThaiTalent and golf Instructor at Golfing Ground Performance Center. GGPC is directed by Pro Noppakun Wong Lo, which is the most modern golf teaching center in Thailand. GGPC will be located in The Golf Town Bangkok, Soi Pradit Manutham 25, which will be the most comprehensive golf center in Thailand.

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“This year, Golfing Ground Perfomance Center will bring new technology equipments for the students who participated in the competition, in order to increase their potential with myself and Noppakun Wong Lo.” – Fifa’Suphawich Huangwilai

“All of you will have access to Smart2move Force Plates and The Force Pedal so you can easily increase your club head speed.” – Fifa’Suphawich Huangwilai

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